At a young age on his grandfather's ranch in Colorado, Toph Leonard, distinctly remembers the special feeling of discovering the outdoors.  "I think I was 8 or 9 on a hot summer day when I realized that I'd prefer to be outside. I spent many days fishing, skiing, building forts and just rolling around in the dirt". 

As an adult, Toph worked in sports retail for 18 yrs (Owned The Kind Cyclist) and construction for more than 20 yrs. His multi-faceted career in a resort ski town has taught him to understand the importance of serving clients and producing top-quality products. "When you're trying to make a living in Vail, Co., you need to work 2 or 3 jobs to survive. The plus-side is that you'll add to your skill-set by learning something new".

Over the years, Toph's experiences have led him to start another venture that fits his lifestyle. "I like to think my passion finally found me. I absolutely love camping and really wanted to be back in the business of selling fun. For me, this type of business just feels right. I'm extremely excited to create custom vans that will enhance the outdoor adventurer's lifestyle. JourneyVans is a culmination of everything I've done". 

Our primary goal is to positively enhance the lifestyle of any outdoor enthusiast. We thrive to maintain structural integrity in our builds. Our attention to detail cannot be duplicated. From material selections, floor plans and layout to efficiency and structural integrity, we offer no compromise. We guarantee to build you the perfect van to suit your needs.  

When Toph is not on the job you can find him in the Vail Valley living the good life with his wife, 3 boys and chocolate lab, Mabel Jean.